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Relx Infinity Pod 0%

Relx Infinity Pod 0%

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Relx Infinity Pod 0% (SG VAPE COD)

The nicotine free vape is back! Relx infinity pod 0%, zero nic is ready stock in Singapore

The nicotine free vape is suitable for vapers who is planning to reduce or quit smoking. The taste is same with normal version.

I believe this will help vaper. More details can whatsapp admin john to ask.

Specification :

  • Pod Capacity: 1.9 ml Per Pod
  • Puffs : 650 puffs
  • Nicotine Level : 0 mg

Relx Infinity Package Included :

  • Pack of 3 pods

Compatible device:

  • Relx Infinity
  • Relx Essential
  • Relx Phantom
  • Relx Infinity 2
  • DDcube

Relx Infinity 0% Flavour Line Up :

  • Mint
  • Watetermelon 

Delivery Details

Same Day Delivery If Order Before 5pm

Cash on Delivery only!

Delivery Timing 8pm-1am , Off on EVERY SUNDAY

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