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Zero Degree Pod

Zero Degree Pod

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Zero Degree pod is filled with 2.5ml capacity of tasty ejuice and it contains 30mg of nicotine salt. It comes with 22 different flavours to ensure all sg vaper can find their favorite.

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Specification :

  • Nicotine 3%
  • Capacity 2.5ml per pod

Package included :

  • 1 Pack of 3 pods

Zero Degree Compatible Device

  • Dark Rider 3s Device
  • DD Cube Device
  • Instar Device
  • Kizz Device
  • Relx Classic Device
  • Sp2 Classic Device
  • Sp2 M Device
  • Sp2 Legendaa Device
  • Wuuz Device
  • Saico Device

Zero Degree Pod Flavour Line Up

  • Blackcurrant Mint
  • Blueberry Raspberry
  • Classic Tobacco
  • Coke
  • Double Mint
  • Grape
  • Honeydew
  • Tie Guan Yin Ice
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Long Jing Tea
  • Lychee
  • Lychee Soda
  • Mango Passion 
  • Peach
  • Rootbeer
  • Sakura Grape
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Thai Mango
  • Watermelon
  • Watermelon Strawberry

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